10 March, 2011

Messenger's from Heaven

On Friday, October 29th my sister's sweet friend Kris came over the morning of my Dad's burial. She’d handed me a beautiful necklace that had a pendant of a butterfly on it. As she explained to me that every time you see a butterfly, they are messengers from heaven. But whenever you see a white butterfly, they are supposed to be spirits and special messengers. I thought, "how sweet, and what a great way to think of things."

The night of my Dad's burial was on the Saturday that we celebrated Halloween last year (2010). After all the commotion and the dinner and such, I thought about my kids and how they'd been deprived of being able to enjoy Halloween this year. I mustered up enough happiness to take them along with my husband, to go trick-or-treating. We went over to my sisters house and picked up Jayci and J.J.'s little cousin, Taylee to join us.

We went up the long street and back down again (by this time there were only about 6 or so houses that still had their lights on). As we reached the driveway of my Dad's house, headed for the house next to it, a little white butterfly suddenly started to flutter right in my face and the girls' faces. It was dark outside, but the light from the lamp post gave off plenty of light to see it was indeed a white butterfly.

I quickly turned to my husband (who was playing with his cell phone) and said "Look! Do you see that?!" Only to turn back just as quick and it was gone. He didn't see it, but Jayci and Taylee saw it. It was an incredible experience to see something like that while my heart was sobbing inside. I knew deep inside that it must have been my Dad letting me know that he was okay, he's happy, and that he'll still always be there for me. "Never fear, Daddy's near" was something he'd always remind me.

I will never forget the impact that had on me. 

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