10 March, 2011


Friday, October 29th was the morning of my Dad's viewing, and it was a very rough one for me.  I was in my Dad's office working hard on his computer to create his program.  I was also in the process of compiling a dvd of many of our family's favorite memories of him and quotes he'd say.  It would have music, photo's of him throughout his childhood on up to the present.  I had finished his program and emailed it off to the memorial place that was taking care of things. 

It was nearing 12 O'clock in the afternoon and I continued to work on the dvd,  My brother in-law, Brent was in the office with me keeping J.J. entertained.  J.J. was getting a little out of control and so Brent sat down with him and played with a bunch of toys.  As I'm working away and stressing about everything that needed to be done, I heard something that I'd never heard in his office before. 

I turned to look and Brent and J.J. were still sitting on the floor behind me playing.  As I looked around for the sound, I spotted an old antique clock of my Dad's.  I asked Brent "do you hear that?  I think the clock is ticking."  Brent's response was "I wasn't paying much attention, but yes I do hear it."  We both stood up to take a look at it, indeed it was ticking.  I went in and grabbed my bonus mom (Pat) and brought her into the room to show her. 

"This clock quit working about 10 years ago, it's never worked since", she exclaimed.  Tears came streaming to our eyes because it was incredible to see such a miracle.  I had a strong feeling it was my Dad.  Probably getting after me and telling me to stop wasting my time on this dvd, because my Dad was a selfless person.  He was always more concerned for those he loved, and would rather him be the last to worry about. 

The clock ticked strong through the following Sunday after everything had started to settle down, then it stopped.  Almost as if he said that he was proud of us and to rest.  The clock later began ticking again, probably just to let us know that everything was going to be alright.  It ticked strong for about a week, and then stopped. 

I believe in spirits and that those souls visit us to comfort us in times of need.  And, I'm sure that I'll have plenty more to come. 

Thanks Dad...  I love you.  <3

PS - I can thank my wonderful niece, Mellisa for editing such a wonderful photo of my Dad and Bonus Mom.  :)  She does wonderful photography and editing, you can visit her page at:  http://mellisasmoments.blogspot.com/  to view more of her work. 

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