17 July, 2009

The Danger's of Swimming Pools

Brayden Mortensen - Feb. 13, 2007 - June 18, 2009
As some of you know, my very best friend's little boy had drown in an above ground swimming pool while under the care of his babysitter. I want to spread the concern that I have as a parent to please, please, PLEASE... if you have an above ground swimming pool please don't ever leave a child un-attended. And don't leave the stairs set up for little one's to climb. There are also all sorts of safety covers that can be put on these pools. The ones that have the "bubble wrap" look to them are by no means a safety cover. The child can easily slip under that cover, making it harder to notice that they're under there.

So, please keep a close eye on your children around any water, as it only takes 1/2" of water for a child to drown!

Extended family members have opened a charitable memorial fund at any
America First Credit Union under the name of:

Brayden Mortensen Charitable Memorial Fund

If you can find it in your hearts to help this family out with their loss, and to help them financially with the costs incurred from this tragic loss in their lives, it would be greatly appreciated! God Bless!

As a gift to the family, I compiled many of their photo's, memorable moments of the family, and music to help them to remember the best of times with their precious little boy. I wanted to share with you this beautiful little boy and the love he received from his family.

There is 7 short videos.

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Fourth of July, 2009

So, on the 4th of July we had a great time! When you live in a small town like Hooper, Utah... you enjoy the benefits of parades Redneck Style!
Jayci and J.J. got to ride on the float for our ward primary, Jason decided (or better yet... I decided) it would be best to walk along with them just to make sure Jayci sat still and so did J.J.
There was plenty of tractors, vintage model cars, the General Lee, a school bus, lot's of horses and of course... the Redneck Stone Henge due himself! It was great and we had a good time. Kayla got sprayed from one the people carrying a super soaker gun. Just because I'm that way... I had to flag 'em over to get her. (heh heh heh... evil snicker)
We then headed to the park for a little after parade fun. The kids played on the swings and just ran all over in excitement! We then headed back home until the evening, which we then enjoyed our neighborhood band... The Greg Simpson band. They consist of our Bishop as the singer and guitar, our neighbor from across the road on guitar and a few others. They're great!
We then enjoyed the fireworks that lasted for about 45 minutes. Jayci enjoyed jumping all over her favorite friend Kylee Cunningham, with whom was glad to play with her.
We ended the night with a *BANG* as one of our neighbors (with whom I'll have remain anonymous) was setting off a bunch of illegal fireworks for everyone's enjoyment. It was great!