06 February, 2009

The Family Chalk Board Wall!

Okay, so one day I was pondering what to do with a wall in our kitchen by the kitchen door. So, I said to myself "what if I made it into a magnetic chalk board for art work and doodling?". I figured since the side of our refrigerator is hiding because of a wooden panel, that it would be perfect!

I ran it by Jason and he wanted to know why I wanted to do it from the floor to the ceiling. But I guess I just wanted to be able to write on it where ever I want to, and to have a place for all my kids art work! It's only a 4' x 7'8" section, so I said what the heck!

This is my freshly conditioned chalk board wall with my wonderful little kids that just love the camera and always assume that it's to take a picture of them.

A better view without the little ones.

It looks black, but it's actually a coffee color. This chalkboard paint is awesome! You can color it to 12 different colors and make it even more personal.

I painted what was left over of the chalkboard paint on the lower half of Jayci and JJ's doors to give them a little something that's fun for them. I'm planning on painting maybe a small section in their rooms and give it some kind of border to show where it is. The paint blends so well that it looks as if it's not even a chalkboard, but rather just plain old paint! It is latex, but a little flat... not by much though.

I will have rods and finials to dress up the wall, and to hang the heavier art work on. It's going to be a lot of fun! I just finished conditioning the wall but I'll be posting updates of my wall as it progresses more, but until then... this is all I have so far. Happy Doodling!

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