19 February, 2009

Well, the wall is going a little slower than I hoped, but it's beginning to come along. I just have a few more things to get for it, and a little more decorating of it and it'll be done! These will just start to give you a little more insight of what I'm doing with it.

I just put up a curtain rod with some curtain rings. The rings have clips on them so I can hang the little kiddos art work on them or even family photos. I still haven't determined exactly what I'm wanting to hang. I just might put up another rod, only shorter for maybe a calendar or something!

I plan on doing some kind of board with clips so the kids' chore charts can hang there. I figure if they're in a community area, they'll keep on it better. :)

I just took the family photos that were flooding my refrigerator and decided to free up some space by placing them on the clips.

The little ones have been enjoying the fact that they can doodle all over the wall. Now it's just the fact that I need to teach the 20 month old that that's the only wall he can doodle on!

Thankfully it's only chalk and it just wipes clean off with a damp cloth!

More to come soon!

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