03 December, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful! It started out as planning on about 24 people that would be attending. We decided to brine the turkey this year... or I should say TURKEYS! We ended up having two 18 pound turkeys to cook up. I attempted something new this year because we were going to roast one of the turkeys in a roasting oven. So, from experience of knowing that it's very difficult to brown a turkey in a roaster oven, I decided to pop it in the oven at 500 degrees for half an hour, uncovered, to give it a beautiful golden brown look.

We continued to cook it in the roaster for the remainder of the time and as we pulled it out, everyone was shocked to see such a golden bird! I made my own brine this year using brown sugar, frozen orange juice concentrate, rosemary, peppercorns, kosher salt and juniper berries. It turned out scrumptious and the most juicy, tender bird you could ever imagine! So, all in all... I'm going to brine EVERY year!

I love Thanksgiving and I love to do it at our home. I enjoy getting things prepared and making everything from scratch. As well as being able to have the opportunity of everyone coming. I love Thanksgiving.

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