05 January, 2017

Bourbon Glazed Smoked Ham 

So, last October, I decided I want to invest in a smoker. I was in Costco and of course it was a day they had demonstrators there for Traeger. We bought a little smoker previously that required a lot of babysitting, so I wasn’t as interested. The gentleman stopped us and asked if we’d had one. I explained that we did, but it was the kind you had to adjust the little chimney for the heat, and make sure the wood chips kept smoldering. He saw that I didn’t like it.

He then explained to me how these pellet smokers worked. I was intrigued because it reminded me of an oven! Plain and simple! The only difference was that you’d smoke your food for a little while, then you’d kick up the thermostat (this is what grasped my attention) to the temperature you needed, and roast away!
So I grabbed one, and headed home! Surprised my husband a little because he thought we wouldn’t make much use it. We put it together and set that baby up!

First project smoke some burgers! Most people aren’t aware, but I have a beef allergy *sigh*. Yes, those juicy, flavorful patties make me drool when I watch as my husband enjoys his. So, my go to for burger is, you guessed it turkey burgers. *Blah* Yep, those patties that dry up the moment you set it on the grill. The ones you push yourself to eat, because you’re starving!

So, we popped them on the grill (beef and turkey) and let them smoke for about 15 minutes. We cranked up the heat to what you’d normally grill some burgers at, and grilled away.
Because I was curious as to how juicy it would end up, I smothered my bun with just a little bit of condiments. I took my first bite, and just melted! It was perfect! I’m guessing the smoke just might have set the juices in from the little crust it formed while on smoke.

I have not been able to stop talking about smoked burgers ever since!
So, onto the star of the show HAM!

I’m sure most of y’all have received a Christmas ham before and they’ve ended up in the freezer. Well, we received TWO this last Christmas, AND we still had one in there from LAST year! So, a few days before Christmas, I pulled last years out and decided to smoke it on the grill.

I didn’t want to follow a recipe; I wanted to make my own glaze for that beauty and wing it. I decided to make a bourbon glaze. I placed some pineapple rings on the bottom of the pan and pinned some on the outside as well. It turned out SO delicious, that my family hardly ate any of our side dishes! They just devoured the ham! Now, we have 3 adults, 2 younger kids (9 and 11) who are bottomless pits, and a 10 month old grandson. You’d figure that there’d be PLENTY of leftovers (because it always seems like there is with ham), but NOPE! The leftovers from that 9½ pound ham were minuscule, and devoured within about 5 days. It was perfect cold, and not a single dry piece!

So, everyone loved it so much, they requested more. I pulled one of the remaining hams from the freezer and did it all over again!

So I’m sharing a short and sweet video here that shows the process of creating a perfectly cooked ham.
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